Top 10 Animated Crushes from the ’90s

What’s a movie or TV show without a little crush? It’s a major plot point that isn’t just for movies featuring real people. Animated characters can have crushes just as big as the ones we have, and in the ‘90s - there were plenty. So let’s count them down! Here are the top 10 animated... Continue Reading →

Animated Heart Eyes

Within the last 24 hours, I told my nephew about Crushgasm, and how I interviewed D’Manda Martini about a crush on Beast. He asked, “The furry one?” I said yes, and went on to say we all have our animated crushes and there is nothing weird about that…or is there? Nah, because while some may... Continue Reading →

A Fictional Crush…

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have a crush on someone that well, doesn’t exist. For me, it’s like loving Jack Dawson from ‘Titanic’ but not wanting to fuck Leonardo DiCaprio in the back of an old-timey car on a cruise ship that’s about five minutes from sinking to the bottom of the ocean.... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Random Celebrity Crushes

We’ve all seen those pictures of Chris Evans grocery shopping, Rihanna waiting for her car, and Ryan Gosling grabbing a coffee. That’s because celebrities - they’re just like us! Well, yeah. They’re fucking human and being human, celebrities also have their fair share of crushes, and sometimes they don’t make any sense to anyone but... Continue Reading →

So Random…

After a while, one’s crushes seem to follow a pattern. So much so your friends could look at a lineup and KNOW who you’d pick. So whenever the idea of a random crush comes up, what that means is someone that is perhaps out of the ordinary. For my guest this week, that randomness came... Continue Reading →

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